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Greatest Captain of all Time

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Would love to hear everyones thoughts.


In light of a new ”C” to be given Wednesday night, Who  is your choice for the best Canuck Captain of all time. C082484E-A38D-49FB-9E31-42DCF330F5D3.thumb.png.db34ff698542c4da25e2ff2317286875.png



I have to go with Trevor Linden hands down, he was who I looked up to in my era along with Steve Y.  He was able to showcase being a captain is about showing up to play every night and give it your all. Rarely did he play a bad game if ever.




If you don’t have a fav Canucks Captain who was the Best Captain to play on any NHL team. ?



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I love Henrik and Markus.

Linden was a warrior captain  He left it out there for his team mates to see.  Steamer was pretty good.  Didn't see to many of his games though.

I sure hope it is Bo.  I think we need another warrior captain.


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4 minutes ago, higgyfan said:

Kudos to Smyl for suffering through the flying v years...

Hank and Steamer tie for most seasons as Canuck captain at 8


Steamer has the record for  most penalty minutes in a season as a Canuck captain at 144 minutes..

Linden has 101 minutes one year he was captain.....


I kind of prefer a captain that can chop up the odd log  and do some of the heavy lifting when needed...

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