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[GDT] Philadelphia Flyers At A Team Like That October 12 7PM CBC

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3 minutes ago, Gassy Jack said:

What have I done...

The GDT has taken a rather tragic turn eh.

It's not all your fault... mostly, but not all.



Hope the boys don't get sucked into AV's road game slow play. If they can have another strong start and blow things open it might not be a total snooze fest.

Pile on the goals and do it early!


Go Canucks Go!


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1 hour ago, BlueDragon23 said:

Still can’t believe Philly dished out $10 mill for Hayes of all people. That contract will be the death of them.
What would make me very happy is a win before I run the Victoria half marathon tomorrow. Get er done boys! :towel:

Not the first (Bryz, Richards, Carter, Andrew MacDonald...)

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