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58 minutes ago, 10pavelbure96 said:

You kids dont appreciate some sick guitar riffs from van Halen and a song where the crowd can chant to.


In my opinion this is the best goal song they've had in a while. Its metal for crying out loud. I've been waiting to hear some metal at a hockey game.

It isn't though.


It's a loop of HEY HEY HEY HEY every 6 seconds.


Van Halen is good. This loop sucks.


This is from a guy who wanted our intro song to be Panama. I dig Van Halen. But not this execution.

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I'm not against changing it, as long as it isn't to Holiday or any of the hot garbage I've had to hear played at Canucks games over the last several years. Overall the music has been a big improvement so far this season, despite the goal song only being a marginal improvement.

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56 minutes ago, Squamfan said:

@.35 should be it

Been the laffs goal song since last season. I'm all for fun 80s songs that anyone can sing to, while annoying the opposing teams in our barn. 


Chicago set the benchmark for those qualities, St Louis drove it home with Gloria as a victory song.


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