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"What do you and Louie talk about?"


Edler- " Swedish things, IKEA, swedish meatballs, swedish fish, swedish cats"


"Do you miss having Daniel Sedin as a seat partner?


Edler - " No, he was annoying"


Haha. I watched this when I woke up, I love these little looks behind the scenes of the team.


Lots of funny parts but that bit I quoted  was my favorite. 


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I thought this was going to be an appreciation thread for Leivo’s SO winner last night, and given all the smack talk I’ve been giving him so far this season was going to weigh in and say that was a pretty sweet goal.   This video was almost as fun to watch.

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I, too, love these behind the scenes glimpses into the team.


Best poker player = greasy Burr.  Would love to be in those poker games.  (I remember our old CDC poker club here...was great fun).


Tanev seems to be a real character...love it.  Everything about these videos is gold.

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35 minutes ago, Raspberries said:

This is awesome.  Loui sleeping in the back in total Loui mode.  Tanev and Eddie are priceless.  Boes busting Jake for always snacking. LMAO. Need more content like this.

Lol Ya I thought it was pretty funny. 

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