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[GDT] Canucks VS Rangers, October 20, 2019 -- B2B, Tail-end edition

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3 minutes ago, wildcam said:

Why do teams sit on one goal lead with 10 minutes to go???? Just ridiculous how we are playing this 3rd period...Looks like Rangers have power play 5-5?

They have stopped fore check sitting and defending 1 goal lead... If anything  change to 2-1 - 2 with lead.... Hate watching teams sit on 1 goal lead and sit back..

Worst of this was Toronto VS Boston on playoffs 5 yrs ago, Toronto up 5-2 3rd period Boston comes back and wins game...

We are so so lucky to win this game awful 3rd period sitting on 1 goal lead... So win is all about Markstrom saving this ridiculous 3rd period..

Forward not getting pucks out of D zone, forwards not covering Ranger D men...

Poor Markstrom....

They don't, the other team plays really hard to come back. 

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1 minute ago, RUPERTKBD said:

got two breaks that I saw....


As a ref, I would have given Virt a boarding call for that hit on Staal. Yeah, MS showed his numbers there, but it was borderline and that's the kind of play that can cause a game to get out of hand...

That was all dive he barely pushed him. Good non call. 

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Just now, canuck73_3 said:

Lol back to back game team usually runs out of gas in the third, rarely a lack of effort especially after a dominant start. 

I wouldn't say they stopped trying, but as I mentioned before, they started trying cute little chips and reversals that the Rags were picking off regularly. It's one of the reasons I thought TG should have called the TO. The boys needed a reset and they needed to be told to cut that sh*t out...

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