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Who is your all time favorite Canuck? (Poll/Discussion)

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Who is your favorite all time Canuck  

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So, I would imagine this will be a very wide open debate...…...


Why is this Canuck your favorite......


Feel free to give an HM


Take time to think about it first unless you are absolutely sure......


write-in's are fine.

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Got a lot of love for most of those guys.  I'll limit it to five to make my final pick:





Pat Quinn


Bure had the ability to make something happen out of nothing, anytime.  I gotta go with Bure, at least on the ice.


Pat Quinn belongs on this list for sure though.  Great man on and off the ice, and really started the culture in the community that the team has.

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Crazy hard to pick. I went with Bertuzzi, but all of these guys are near the top of my list:













I suspect all three of Horvat, Boeser, and Pettersson will make their way up there in time.

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It was Kesler for the longest time tbh. Bure and Linden were before my time, the WCE/Jovo was at it's peak when I was like 11-13 and I didn't really know much about hockey then. I grew up as a hockey fan with Kes, Burr, Ohlund, Salo, Edler, Luongo, Mitchell, Juice and the twins and that'll be the team I always look back on fondly. 


I'd have to go with Henrik or Daniel, I'm just not sure which. Maybe Burr. I'm not entirely sure. 

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There are so many great players to choose from. 


But I chose Smyl because he would regularly score 60+ points, was Captain of the team and he'd go to war. There was always push back. 


He wasn't the biggest guy, but he'd scrap Semenko, Nystrom, Clark, Gary Roberts, anyone. He had no fear.


That's the kind of leader that will do anything to win. 

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I chose Bure but had a really hard time choosing just one. Luongo and Naslund are easily right up there with those two for me. 


My all-time favorite though would probably have to be Rypien for so many obvious reasons. The kid played with more heart than any other player I can ever remember. 


Rounding out my top 5 would be Kassian. While not an overly popular pick among a lot of Canuck fans, I feel that if it weren't for his substance abuse and other off-ice issues he could have been a dominant power forward. 

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