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[GDT] Canucks vs Capitals Diwali Night Edition Oct 25 7pm SN1

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I wonder if the Singh brothers will be in the house Friday? I absolutely potatoed Gurv back in the day when I had a brief flirtation with breaking into pro-wrestling. He would have been well within his rights to punch me square in the mouth but he didn't. Nice guy, glad he made it big!

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I still hope the fans in attendance boo failed power play attempts to send a message.





First off that post was intended to be taken lightly :lol:


I have seen countless posts on "Fire Brown." Honestly I think the repeated stale power play attempts with 0 to very very few shots like they've had many times is boo worthy when it gets to thatlevel. Just imagine if it costed them more games recently, I think there would be some meltdowns going on. If it continues the way it's been, it will start to cost them games. Aside from playing Detroit, their power play is 2/32 this season.


Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to see Hughes on PP1 now and I definitely think they can improve, but they need to score more power play goals against teams that aren't Detroit, and maybe they will now! We will find out soon enough. Changes are happening which is great to see.



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They got Beagle as the 170th ranked center... And all caps 4th line is ranked higher than him 


Leipsic (who I do respect, but he's not at Jay's current form) 

Nic Down and Chandler Stephenson 


Lol time to update your rankings daily face-off... It's the 2020 cup campaign coming through. 


Walking In Season 2 GIF by Friends

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21 minutes ago, Toyotasfan said:

Hope they give us Holtby on a platter .

Petey Hat trick 


That might well be possible as Washington is trying to adjust to a new system and aren't quite executing fluently yet.  From Friedman's 31 thoughts:


17. One of the reasons for (Holtby's) struggles was Washington’s new system. The Capitals are trying to be more aggressive, similar to what Carolina does. It got them trapped down-ice a few times against Colorado and Toronto, leading to some ridiculous highlight-reel goals against. 




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