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[GDT] Canucks vs Capitals Diwali Night Edition Oct 25 7pm SN1

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18 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

PRACTICE | Travis Green


Where do these videos get uploaded on? Is there anyway I can see them on a smart TV without having to use Chromecast? 


I wish they'd be up on the Canucks YouTube channel, then could easily always get the new ones on the app! 


Thanks for sharing as always! 

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44 minutes ago, tas said:

sure, but I think it's disingenuous to view that factoid in isolation. it's obvious from watching that he hasn't been having the same level of effectiveness as he did last year -- which is totally fine and understandable, and personally I'm not worried at all. 


but watching him right now is like watching the canucks in 2011-2012. they still won the president's trophy, but it was obvious that they weren't the same team that went to the finals the year before. it wasn't as convincing if you know what I mean. 

I think expectations were lower last season. He caught teams by surprise last year and I doubt many expected him to come out of the gate like he did. He could simply be at the same level as last year, but now the expectations are there from fans and from the opposition focusing on shutting him down harder.


It will be up to him to find another level to his game to breakthrough the tighter checking, but in the meantime, he is still producing despite not looking as effective (much like how we are still getting results despite a weaker PP so far). Just imagine if he does find that other level and how much more productive he would be (much like the PP, how much more dangerous we would be if it starts clicking as well).

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4 hours ago, falcons said:

He is now sporting some trendy looking  glasses and a goatee. We play them again next week at the old memorial ! 

No kidding. Ha, good to hear.

He’d be an intimidating man still, but in a good way. He’s another classic good-guy. 

I’m glad kids have men like him to model themselves after in the sport. 

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9 games in and we still haven't given up more than 3 goals in a game. Top 5 PK and top 5 GA/G.


Checking forwards/PKers, goalies and defense need to keep up there great play.


PP guys look like they may be beginning to gel. If we continue this trend we're going to win a lot of games during this stretch.

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1 hour ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

The last time Canucks played on Diwali night this was the lineup:


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Del Zotto-Biega


1st line is better then 4th because of horvat thats it. Nm Goldy. That defense is a disgrace to the word Defense. The defense there didn't know how to defend againsts nhlers.


We came a long way

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3 hours ago, apollo said:

Nothing positive ever comes out of going to your home arena and booing your home team if you ask me.


Why is booing even on your head when we're playing lights out overall? 


The team is 6-3 - the PP has been buzzing even though the percentage doesn't look good. How about we focus on our stellar PK? 


If you really do want to nit pick on the PP, Brock and especially Petey have been missing their targets a lot (to their elite standard) and that will change. You'll see the power play finish top 5-15th in the league IMO. 


Be patient and see the good in the team. Next time when we're on the power play, just try to tell yourself, that you're expecting us to score and really just try to see it happening. 


I'll be trying it with you and hope other members of CDC will partake. If a bunch of us do it, the PP will be solid next game. 


The power play is gonna deliver versus Washington tomorrow night. Wouldn't surprise me if it's Petey or Brock sniping one past holtby clean. 



Worked for helping to get Gillis fired.:P

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