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2019/20 World Junior Championships

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Just now, ruilin96 said:

I know. Remember what Samuelsson said to Swedish Hockey Associations after he was snubbed? That’s what I want to say to them as well. Hog still learned a lot in this tournament and will benefit and make him a better player long term and that’s what matters.

If he turns into a mini-Gordie Howe I don't think ANYONE will complain. 

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So what are the rules regarding elbowing in world junior, are they more strict than others, because considering contact was initiated with the shoulder and the elbow was more a follow through, the hit by Hoglander would seem to me to be more of the minor variety of elbowing as opposed to a major and match penalty. But if it is more strict I would guess there's not really an argument there.

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Hoglander penalty and ejection was the difference. Swedes would have been in final had he stayed in the game. 


Live and learn. 


The bad swedish goalie play for the 3rd goal against was pretty bad too. 


At least Pod had a good game. 

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On 1/5/2020 at 5:43 PM, smithers joe said:

too bad they couldn’t cut the medals in half and give both teams 1/2 bronze medals. finland played so well.

Feel pretty good about Finland coming home empty handed after how a few of their boys conducted themselves at the bar after the game.  Went well beyond typical immaturity.


I won't be naming names or getting into specifics, but Utunen wasn't involved.

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What an amazing event to be part of. So proud to be Canadian. WOW


Huge shout out to all the volunteers, organizers, traffic police, servers, public transport people......etc Thank you all


Huge shout down to all the very very rude Russian fans. I had beer spilled on me on purpose, the Canadian flag ripped from my hands and thrown on the ground, death glares, etc.... They really need to work on the social aspect of being involved in this type of tournament. 


To Team Canada. I had no doubt, I had faith and knew in my heart after Finland, that we would beat Russia. Half way through the second, down 3-1, it was pretty quiet and the Russians in the stands were mocking us, 6-1 they kept chanting.................................................. Take that Red Machine


One thing to share, so many Czech people would come over and ask us "what number is your son" When we told them all 24 were our sons they got so confused. They don't understand why 5,000 Canadians  would come across the globe to watch "Junior Hockey"


I told them all, you have to be Canadian to understand


Go Canada Go


Sweden 2021



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