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Mafia: Treason and Plot [Game over - town win]

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On 11/2/2019 at 10:31 AM, Master Radishes said:

So. We've got, what, 7 players?


(a) Do we do this?

(b) Do we wait for more?

(c) Do we give up and cry?

Do C, and then come back to reality and do B. 


I am also super busy these days, and won't be able to participate quite yet. I really want to sign up, but also don't want to get called out by everyone and they mama's for not being active and yadda yadda. I want to be able to give you guys my fullest.


I hope that we can put this epic Master Radishes in the back pocket for now, and wait for the whole gang to come through. Maybe around Christmas time? I can only speak for myself but I know I would be more inclined around then. 

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10 hours ago, milk and honey said:

I'm mafia with av timrlord and mr


Also mautrap is out hidden teammate


Vote tl

Uhhhh, MR is hosting scuzzybum.


Reads like a scum with busy stuff on the horizon trying to railroad a TL vote and attract the vig. 


Hot take- AV, TL and Mau are tp with me.

Falc is 3p


Makes the maf team MH, 112 and Melvin.


Game solved


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