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Mafia: Treason and Plot [Game over - town win]

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2 minutes ago, milk and honey said:

Why not. Honestly at this point it will really show who are the true tp and scum members. 


Lynch me and town wins 99%. It would reveal a lot of potatoes 

This is accurate, but for different reasons. :lol:

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6 minutes ago, Time Lord said:

If hoggers and DM are unlikely to be teammates but milk could be mafia with either of them, why don't we just lynch milk?

I think hoggers has more evidence stacked against him. However, I wouldn't be that annoyed if people switched to milk instead. 

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Falcon, if you're going to be so brazen to vote me you can at least give me the respect of substantiating your suspicion. Something beyond the absurd tin-foil you came up with last page. 

I'm serious. Go through the reasons why it makes more sense for me to be a wolf than a villager. And why I'm the likeliest wolf partner with lucky. 

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44 minutes ago, milk and honey said:

Ok for real 


AV cere fetch tl clean

Me tbd lol

Hoggers with a bj or Dm  as scum imo


Hoggers cause his defense sucks no offense

Bj cause he is playing typical mafia game

Dm cause voting pattern and he attacked me for a dumb reason 


nicolas cage laughing GIF


Hoggers is probably livid with his situation this game. 

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