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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Florida Panthers | October 28th, 7:00pm PT | SNP, SN650 | 2019 Halloween Edition

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Panthers @ Canucks  

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  1. 1. Which team will win the game?

    • Vancouver Canucks
    • Florida Panthers
  2. 2. How many goals will the Vancouver Canucks score?

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    • 1-2
    • 3-4
    • 5-6
    • 7+ :)
  3. 3. How many goals will the Florida Panthers score?

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    • 1-2
    • 3-4
    • 5-6
    • 7+ :(
  4. 4. Trick or treat?

    • Trick!
    • Treat!

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5 minutes ago, canuck2288 said:

You are so wrong.

Huge difference between depth and angle. Angle to the shooter always remains the same regardless of the depth in the net you play. You NEVER assume a player covers part of the net. You play the angle assuming the path is clear and look around any obstacle. 

you honestly think any goalie worth an ounce would leave an entire section of the net open in the hope his D blocks the shot? 

You don't leave an entire section, you cheat a little bit. Goalies do it all of the time. When you get to a level where the players are as accurate as they are in pro levels, you have to cheat a lot of times in a game because otherwise you'll leave too many holes to cover. At the nhl level they have systems for how they want their defense to set up on things like one-timers, certain angles, etc. That's why goalies get pissed off on certain blocks from their defense as opposed to not sometimes. A lot of times, and you'll see Ultra commonly is that the dman will lean their block on the shortside so that the play is forced into more defenders and eliminates the shot at the same time. 


Watch the next penalty kill, you'll see a goalie cheat multiple times and look off angle on the player with the puck on the half wall. It happens a lot. 

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4 minutes ago, sonoman said:

Has anyone had a weak game tonight?

I don't want to be Johnny Raincloud here, but Virt has had an off night..


I'm glad he's seeing time on Bo's line, & he's gaining confidence which is great, even getting tucks 3 games in a row, but he's totally blown at least 6 to 8 passes tonight.. maybe more like 10..


but no worries, he's showing improvement this season

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37 minutes ago, the grinder said:

 loui play over the last 3 years has made it that way , that is on loui ,  and his effort level, play better and then  he can afford that luxury  I never said that about green I said what is he supposed to say loui has been riding the pine because his effort level was terrible  or because of his so called comment about seeing eye to eye ? erikksson is going to say all the right things well of course he is , I think his mouth got him in enough trouble already in the off season ,  I support players that put effort in the game , that why I get pissed at jake sometimes because of the effort level 


schaller has improved he is a hell of lot quicker compared to last year , so now your saying he hasn't  improved  , don't all player try to get better in the off season?  

What is Green going to say? Maybe the truth? Everyone in the Canucks organization has said that the comments have been overblown, but people continue to persist that it's a bigger problem than it is. Not productive and a fan of the team doesn't need to continue forcing a negative especially when the team isn't trying to make it one. He's saying the right things now, but it's still a problem. This is exactly the point I'm trying to make.


If you remember the tail end of last season, this was how Schaller was playing. I said he hasn't "vastly" improved. Everyone was writing him off well into the season still. Remember how many were pissed that Gaudette wasn't in the lineup over Schaller (and others)? If Schaller had improved, not many had seen it except Green and his staff. The point here is that Schaller had been a scapegoat as well but he has shut many people up. Seems to be the trend this year.

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Just now, bree2 said:

last game it was jake ,bo and ferland and that line was great. why he put  pearson back and ferland  on the third mystifies me

true but think they want to get pearson going is the only thing I can think of


but again the coach is the one that makes the calls and sometimes we all shake our heads but it seems to work this year

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