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9 hours ago, PunjabiCanucks said:

Indian style pizza is amazing for me being Punjabi.. the flavors taste great and tbh being vegetarian I find vegetarian pizza from per say dominoes is bland.

I love Boston Pizza's Mediterranean pizza as a vegetarian. 


but everyone to their own, if you want a pepperoni, ham and pineapple, etc. go to non indian place simple as that. In terms of what's available in Surrey I have no idea :/



Boston Pizza Zobrea the greek was amazing, too bad they took it of the menu

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For Italian style I like Pizzeria Ludica. There's one near Rogers Arena and another in New West near the Skytrain. 


For North American style, I order Papa John's online. I find it super convenient. Not too greasy. 


Best I've had in the area, I'd go with Via Tevere Pizzeria on Victoria Dr. 


For slices, I like Pizza Garden. 



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12 minutes ago, captainhorvat said:

Ive heard about this place will definitely be making a trip out to richmond to try it out.

If your pocket it deep, they have one called the C6 worth 850 bucks. Has truffles, lobster, caviar or something. Princess would be the one to get in terms of the price and ingredients.

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17 hours ago, Kragar said:

What makes a NY-style pizza different?  From what I see on TV, it looks thin, flexible, and lacking toppings.  If that's the case, I don't see what the big deal is, so I gotta assume there is more to it than that.

Yeah the thinness is definitely part of it and they're meant to be folded, so it has a crunch reminiscent of a panini.  Add that to their savory toppings and the bite... it's tough to really describe but I want to say you just gotta try it, definitely a different bite than say a Fresh Slice.  Think a folded flatbread.  

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10 hours ago, Tortorella's Rant said:

Me & Eds

Abby here had one but Abby sucks and it capitulated to high property taxes. 

I found it alright, can't say I was blown away from it.  Couple places in Chilliwack I like though.

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22 hours ago, Phil_314 said:

Fan of a spot I came across called Straight Outta Brooklyn on Fraser and Kingsway... craving for NY style slice was satisfied after coming back from the Big Apple.


Famoso is also pretty good 

SOB has a location downtown too. Had when in the city for Iron Maiden....was ok.  

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