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Who else is DONE with Jakes 3 year tryout - Read just the title and leave a downvote edition

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Johnny Torts

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12 minutes ago, Johnny Torts said:

Who thought Ferland would play every game like the flames - nucks playoff series? 

It’s something that he has in his toolbox, and he will grab that tool when needed.


He has hands, and he can tuck a few as we’ve seen. But he has had EVERY opportunity to do so.


He hasn’t been whipped around a third fourth or scratch pairing constantly like our hometown boy Jake. Maybe he has &^@# idk. 

JV has earned his spot as a PF on this roster. FFS STOP MIND&^@#ING BO, give him another consistent line mate as well.


Jake has nights where he looks like a scorer, where he looks like a hitter, and when he looks like a defender. 

I will bet my NUTS that this “tamed” (defensive / stick checking ) Jake is based on what he’s asked to do, which is OK. But why ask him to do something he wasn’t drafted for? When he hits / is hard on the puck, and shoots, he is effective. Why change or coach him out of that? 

I’m sure Petey has almost had enough of being over coached and his creativity being under utilized. 

Im torn. We are doing great, but I know these little things do matter. 

Anybody EDUCATED knows what Ferland is bringing to the team.


Everyone else can YouTube the Matthews headshot from a few days ago.

Jake is the same as we know but hasn’t gotten the lengthy looks with top guys.


Thanks for reading everyone and to those who did, how many points could JV put up alongside Pettersson? 

Note: I do not want a line up change, this is a question, projection of where JV could be based on the opportunities that Ferland got.


Note 2: That’s not a knock on Ferland I love that guy too. 





When we are winning the way we are you dont make huge changes. Jake and Ferly will be fine.

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