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PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks @ Kings October 30th 2019

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Congrats to @J-23 for being the only person to correctly predict the 7 - 2 final score!


Last game, under the 'no fence sitting rule' nobody got a point as the saves were a 29 - 29 tie.  To make up for that we will have a bonus bonus question for this game.





Predict the winner and the score. (3pts for both, 1pt for just the winner)
Bonus question - Over/under on 3.5 Canuck goals. (1pt)
Bonus bonus question - Who scores the game winner? (1pt)


Super bonus question (10pts) - Who wins the Stanley Cup?  I will collect each player's Stanley Cup Prediction and hold it until the Cup is awarded.  This is it.  This is your last chance to make or change your Stanley Cup prediction.  I have included all current recorded Stanley Cup Predictions in the leaderboard.  If I missed yours in a previous thread, my apologies, but make sure you add it in this one.




My predictions:

Canucks 5 - LA 2


Petey with the GWG


Good luck, and Go :canucks: Go!


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8-2 of course


Doughty burns through two full boxes of Kleenex after the game and cries about how a team like that should never beat a team like ours 8-2 twice


Which means the OVER on Canuck goals and the game winner obviously will go to Elias Pettersson


Cup Prediction: Vancouver in 7 over Toronto

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