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[GDT] Blues @ Canucks Nov 5 2019 7pm SNP

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For sure, Myers will not get to play 3 on 3 OT again.   I would rather to see Petterson, Boeser, and Hughes to start the OT.  I have noticed that Green doesn't throw them out and had to scramble after the substitution if they get trapped and we don't get to see them together for long shift.  Make some adjustment for OT.  You can't leave them on the beach to start the OT.  

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Just now, 112 said:

In the grand scheme of things, Lucky, this game doesn't mean much. Let's just laugh and enjoy this event of the cosmos.

Grumble grumble grrummmp


Was a great game


Blues are dicks and that's about all I got.


Great game though


&^@#ing dicks

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2 minutes ago, Nuck1991 said:

boeser has the worst game ever and virt wasnt out there in overtime

I am wondering if all Boeser can do is shoot. He was making some seriously $&!#ty passes tonight. Oh well. At least Granlund is gone. What a plug he was.

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Just now, nucksnavsfan said:

Props to Meyers for coming out for an interview to explain what happened there

For sure. Team has a lot of jam.

Love how we fought back for the single point, too.  Love how Marky showed how they wanted to win it.  Think the boys didn’t know first place was on the line?  

Just keep it rolling, boys.

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