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The Secret Everybody Knows

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32 minutes ago, BoKnows said:
This is no surprise to me.  I hope our young guys are keeping their noses clean.  

Have to say.. the stuff that's coming out is, in many cases, not actually Cocaine or MDMA. It's usually cut with other fillers and/or the drug is not exactly what the seller claims to be. It's crazy to think people are still willing to try the crap that's out there without a drug testing kit.


Cocaine and MDMA are fairly safe in CONTROLLED doses. They are pretty much exactly as you'd expect.  However, much of the problem is the DOSAGE and the contents of the drugs. Drugs can affect people differently too. What would be a 'normal' dose for one person would be an overdose for another.


Without a test kit, the crap that's out there is just so unpredictable. There's A LOT of new research chemicals that mimic the originals (MDMA in particular) and a lot of them are more dangerous because we don't have studies that show what their effects are on the body. At least with MDMA, it's been used for a very long time so we have repeatable studies.


Drugs can be fun, but drug education SHOULD be taught. We can't stop people from taking drugs, but we can definitely make them think twice or three times whether or not they should go down that path.



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Drugs have caused problems for everyone, especially celebrities.


Demi Lovato infamously OD'd on fentanyl-laced pills (she thought they were the painkiller Oxycodone) - she could've died there.


We all know about Mac Miller.


Money doesn't protect you from drug overdoses. Hell, money doesn't buy you lifelong happiness either.


I could list a bunch of celebrities who died at the height of their fame because of drugs. It's fine to do it every once in a while. It just usually becomes a bigger problem when it gets used more often (and it usually does).


IMHO, governments should decriminalize (not necessarily legalize) the drugs and treat drug addiction as a medical issue, NOT as a criminal one. They can get some celebrity to be the face of the campaign, and get people to crowdfund the whole thing. It's bound to work.

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1 hour ago, Shift-4 said:

They don't gamble either. Just ask Evander.

Totally. Once again numbnuts is in trouble:




$500,000 of unpaid gambling debt. What an idiot.

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