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[GDT] Nucks @ Hawks November 7 2019 5:30pm Pacific - watch live on SNP

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32 minutes ago, Alflives said:

Marky is a huge tattoo covered Viking.  I’d love to see him lose it and pound the living crap out of Patrick Kane.  I’m talking an old fashioned $hi+ kicking.  Then he picks up Kane’s limp and lifeless body and tosses it over the boards.  Or Marky could just get a shutout.  I’d be happy with either.  

I'd settle for a massive blocker-punch, but I don't feel like you went too far. Getting Keith in the same fashion would be great too. He's a smooth skater but maybe Jake could crush him if we keep putting pucks deep. 

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7 minutes ago, canuck2288 said:

I love the fact Marky smashed his stick 


only people that have an issue with it are the ones that have never stepped on the ice 


what the H is wrong with wanting to win? What’s wrong with being mad when you lose? What’s wrong with showing you care and that you have passion?  

What did the Marky haters want him to do? Shake the Blues player’s hands?


Marky has been a stud all season. Get over it haters 

While I understand your what you're trying get across.....

I don't think there are any Marky haters Canucks fans. 


It's safe to say every one who follows Canucks closely  loves Marky. 

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