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New Simulation Hockey League - Dispersal Draft


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Hello, I am starting an online simulation hockey league with a simulator called UHS - Ultimate Hockey Simulator (uhs.hockeysim.ca). This is a different sim than the common STHS and FHLSim leagues out that but it is a really well done sim with lots of options. Some of the big features are that you are able to hire scouts to scout individual players. There is an option to have live games that you are able to watch (play by play text only). Full farm and juniors leagues. The ability to hire an assistant GM (so you can have a friend help you run your team). And much more.
The OSHA is a 16 team league that consists of 4 divisions (Canada, USA, Mexico, and Cuba). This will be a completely fantasy league with fictional teams and players. We will be having a dispersal draft to start the league so you will be able to build your team from the start. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining then please send me an email with all this information required below.
1.Choose a city from this list.
Los Angeles
Mexico City
Santa Clara
2. Choose a team name (this is your choice)
3. Your Name
4. Your Email
5. Add a team logo if you'd like
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2 hours ago, Baer. said:



I'm sure this is a very safe league to be in. I think most people will pass on this because of fake players and teams.


Teams in Cuba? The f....

I'm aware it will be harder to find people because they are fictional teams and players, but there are people out there that prefer that, and the league is half full already. 


Also Al Montoya is Cuban, he made the nhl..

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Its irrelevant anyways, it's a fantasy sim league with fictional players and teams, what their names are and where the teams are from is fantasy. It is all preference,  I understand there is more people out there that prefer nhl players and nhl teams. But there are those that prefer fictional,  this is for those people.

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