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Jordan Binnington believes he deserved the Calder over Elias Pettersson

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Thanks for sharing.  Reminds me of Murray getting scored on a bunch of times and BB getting a hat trick his rookie year. Doughtyton should just be a good loser and enjoy his cup ring.  How many Conn Smythes did Roy have by the time he was the same age?  Two or pretty close to it.  And both those teams had no business in the final let alone winning the cup.

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6 minutes ago, smithers joe said:

i know i should have won the last lotto jackpot.

Canucks should have won the Stanley Cup in 2011. Boston should have won in 2013. Not fair that Chicago won 3 times in 6 years. 


Markus Naslund should have won the Art Ross. 


Trevor Linden should never have been traded. 


Mark Messier should have never signed with Vancouver


I can go on and on. 


Binnington should be happy with the Stanley Cup as many would trade all their trophies for that cup alone. 




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9 minutes ago, cuporbust said:

Because he said "ya" ? 


Holy crap, let's relax here . I'm having fun with it,  but this is non news . 


News flash , a player believes in himself. Wow . 

At first I thought the same but the reporter just brought the topic up. 


Binnington said losing the Calder left a "bad taste". 


Also explains why he was playing a level up when he was playing against us. I must admit, he played lights out against us last game and also in Game 7 of the finals. 

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