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Could Demko replace Markstrom as #1 before season's end?

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If Demko continues to play lights-out goaltending, do you think there is a possibility that he and Markstrom become more of a split tandem? Is there a possibility that he could even take over the #1 spot if Markstrom developes more inconsistency? Could/Would that factor into Markstrom's contract status/amount? I am not trying to downplay Markstrom at all, I just think so far Thatcher has been way more solid than Jacob with the limited playing time he has had. 

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Markstrom has shown some solid numbers, but Demko's are better


So, I think you give Demko more starts....something like 55/45 split for Marky for the remaining part first half


It is one of the only beefs I have with Benning and Green.....they are a little slow on big moves


I am not sure that is a bad thing, but in this case, I think it is important to see what Demko has before the TDL


Not saying we should trade anyone, but if Demko can handle the extra work load, it opens up options going forward


And if you don't do it, how do you know?

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Marky has been decent, but let's not be homers here - a .917 save percentage isn't world class. It is really quite mid-range for a starting goalie. 


Demko, on the other hand, has basically the best save % in the league. The issue with Demko is sample size. I agree it would be wise to give Demko more starts than you would typically see for a backup to see what we really have here.


Benning is going to have to make some decisions coming up, and those decisions become easier to make if we can better gauge how good Demko really is.

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Demko doesn't let in a sieve goals like Markstrom let in a few last year and a few this year so far.  The Islander goal from last season game was the final straw that Markstrom shouldn't be our man at that point forward.  I am all for the Demko to eventually take over the role later in the year.   Every goaltender let in sieve goalie including the greatest of all time.   Yesterday was a little bit sieve goals from feet out.   He has not made a reaction to the shot until it was too late.   I am weary of Markstrom because of his past reputation unlike Demko so far.   

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1 hour ago, MrCanuck94 said:

Not that Marky is playing bad, but I would love for them to give Demko a little run here.

Not at all. The Canucks have hung him out to dry lately. 


But Demko needs to get into some action also, get a chance to help the team win games.

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For people saying Demko is better one thing to keep in mind, he is playing weaker teams compared to Markstrom. 


Of course Demko will have better numbers then Markstrom. But I agree its better if he gets some more games. Should be split games, this will also promote some internal competition which isn't a bad thing. 

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I think that the Canucks need to give Demko a run of starts in coming months to see if he is worthy of the starting role and a slot in Expansion draft protection before trading Markstrom or we lose Markstrom for nothing at Expansion Draft.  You do not want Seattle to nab Demko and Markstrom could decline at anytime after the ED.  

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