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Five reasons to believe the Vancouver Canucks have arrived - The Hockey News

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9 hours ago, iceman64 said:

Markstrom did not make a mistake, 3-0 and your supposed to stop them? Myers lost an edge, a mistake? Gretz Lemieux  Crosby have never done that either right? Even Bure did a cpl of times, it's an ice surface ffs and every player does it and it's nothing but a fluke thing to happen and of no fault of a player. 

I saw that about the Markstrom "mistake" before and all I could think was, what? Are people just that stupid? Try and stop a 3 on 0 in the best league in the world and let me know how that works out for you...

Wasn't talking about the 3-0 but the time he tried to stop Getzleaf.  I should have been more clear in my original post. Although I totally agree with you, mistakes sometimes happen and even happen to the best players. But my point wasn't to criticize Markstrom or Myers. My point was to say that the margin for error is so small that small errors like these can decide the game. 


Although they haven't been perfect, Markstrom and Myers have been excellent for us this season and hopefully it continues.





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9 hours ago, IBatch said:

And the first two losses the ice leaned heavily the other way - McDavid isn’t considered the best player (in his prime now too) for nothing, all it takes is one moment and he will break the game.   Rittich stood on his head in CAL too.   The best part about this start is we’ve never been out of a game - at least decisively.   NSH goaltending kept us in it but definitely wouldn’t have mattered if special teams didn’t click (3-3 PP).  


The team still has holes and can use another bona fide top six guy.  AG might have been our best forward last game too - on BOTH sides of the puck - spend some time with Maholtra or whomever in the dot and we’ve got ourselves a middle six guy who adds teeth to our third line -  unless he keeps it up in which case we might already have our next top six guy.  JV has been better (again) then last year - baby steps with this kid but it’s progress.   Pearson is quietly on his way to a 45 ish point year too.  


Hope Sutter and Beagle aren’t out for long - those two are a big reason our P.K. and possession stats are so good (face offs make a world of difference when it comes to that).  


No matter what the on ice product took a big jump this year and I’m excited about our future again.   Won’t make any parade claims (yet ha ha) but if Podz and Hogs and OJ are also legit and Demko is  a top ten goalie....might dust off my 94 Western Conference Champs shirt and hang it on the wall when it comes to playoff time (it was a gift but it’s way too small to wear ha ha).  

I can wear mine now that I retired and lost some weight. 

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Meh I'm just happy Jake has "almost arrived'  his points are starting to come and he's 7 goals and 3 assistants currently plus a few more that hit posts could be even better...

 How can you not learn how to be a pro give a reasonable amount of time with the right guys like Bo Petey Beags etc..

 Have we arrived as a team? Certainly not.. still getting warmed up, and a few tweaks away but we will be really arriving in a cpl of years when it's done and our window will be there widest opposed to just open a bit.. wtg Jimbo, keep it up!

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