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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Winnipeg Jets | Nov. 08, 2019

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-Vintage Canuck-

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2 minutes ago, Mustapha said:

Come on gang! it's just one loss! It was a bad one...but look at all the talent!


You know seriously I am hard on this team because I have been watching them for over 30 years and I am getting really really sick of watching other teams get it together and win it all. I don't want to hear 'Gloria' played over and over, or see the Penguins lift yet another Cup, it's just aggravating.


So yeah, you don't like it when I vent? So sorry, I am not leaving.


"But Mustapha, you never celebrate a win." 


Sure, guilty as charged. i see the regular season in some ways as the extension of the pre-season, real hockey starts in April. I just want to see some goddamn playoff hockey from this team. Regular season wins are important to get there, but I don't feel the need to chat about a win, i just take it in and enjoy it.


I believe Petey will be a star in this league for many years. I think Hughes could be the franchise D man this team had never had. I am proud to say I was wrong about Markstrom and Demko actually looks like a future #1. I love Petey because he's awesome with the puck, he even had the Winnipeg fans in awe tonight. He even has a mean streak, which is something I wished Henrik and Daniel had when they played.


But there are many things I don't like about this team, and I will continue to voice them. I don't think Travis Green is the guy to get them deep in the playoffs. Paul Maurice had those refs eating our of his palm. So go ahead, call me a troll. It's just not true. 

I just worry you might have stroke when we finally lose another playoff series.


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32 minutes ago, Darius said:

It’s mostly lack of depth.  How many legit top 6 wingers has this team had in 4 years? 

the kid has produced at a second line rate Even though he has been saddled with a bazillion draws And a  revolving door of Ahlers and third / 4th liners on his wing. 

Edit.. but nice of you to come out and imply that he can’t work with anyone after losing a few. 

Jesus. Could people be more sensitive here?  

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Just now, CANUCK-EXPRESS said:

That 4th line isn't the same without Motte. We need him back.

I've posted that for 3 straight games, the fourth line were our engine.


All good teams have a lunch bucket line that raises the compete level for the team.

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