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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Winnipeg Jets | Nov. 08, 2019

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3 minutes ago, DefCon1 said:

They should trade Baertschi, Gaudette and Goldobin for some top 6 winger. Is Palmieri or Rackell available? Would even throw in a pick

I would hold on to Gaud even if he is the only one of the three that would be worth much in a trade. He is going to be a decent piece of the future. 

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All you need to see the last two games is the special teams. Canucks PK gives both the Hawks and Jets best players ages of time to hold the puck and do whatever they want. Not even attempting to pressure them. Kane last game just held on to the puck FOREVER, and we're okay with that, cause why not let Kane abuse players like Schaller on the PK. Same story with the Jets, except we gave literally all their players every time they touched the puck, freedom to do whatever. Those B2B PPs which very clearly changed the outcome of this game, not one single clear. Not one. 



Meanwhile our PP skates it's i- no actually they can't skate it, can't dump it in and retrieve it, and anytime it's in the offensive zone, the PKers are relentless in their pressure and aggression. To nobodies surprise the PP looks awful. 


It's just so weird to see that contrast. One PK lets players do whatever they want, however they want, solely relying on blocked shots and goaltending. That PK gives up non stop chances and shots. This PK willingly says, okay, here you go Laine, you can rip the puck as hard as you want with a nice sweet gentle pass, because we're not gonna do anything about it. We're just gonna either make our goalie make a hard save, get a player injured blocking it, or give up a goal. 


One PK says, wait, why would we even let them set up and attempt shots, that's a risky strategy that not only leads to goals against, but injuries, so instead, let's be aggressive and play the game, you know, the correct, smart, and clearly obvious way to do it. Let's not give their best players all day to handle the puck from the point and just walk in to the slot and score. Let's not give their entire PP all the freedom to make easy passes and set up their shooters. In fact, more often than now, despite us being down a man we'll get the best scoring chance.


There's nothing else to say. The special teams are brutal. The PP has been horrific under Brown and a few great games doesn't change more than 1 season of horrible results.


Oh yeah and also this team can't score, several opportunities the last two games, no finish. 

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We have a powerplay after our top line sat on the bench for 4 minutes while were were short handed. Top line was out for 20 seconds. We get a powerplay and start our useless second pp line? 

we need to shift momentum and our moron coach starts line 2 and the entire powerplay was a gong show. 

to top it off after a full second intermission our moron coach starts our third line 


get over your f ing love affair with Pearson and  Leivo Green 

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Back to the same old same old. Maybe the Canucks will get a decent 1st rounder this year, draft a sturdy Dman. Baertschi was ineffective. Eriksson was awful, glad Green finally benched him in the 3rd. Perhaps I overestimated the Canucks at around the 10-game mark. Ahh those were good times. I wonder, does Ferland mean that much to the Canucks success? They can't seem to win without him. 

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