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[Rumor] Kovalchuk done in LA?


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14 hours ago, KnuckleHead16 said:

So when are we going to pick up Kovalchuk!!! Why don’t we? Remember all the bad things people said about Evander Kane coming to Vancouver while he was in Buffalo?!? Remember people saying he was baggage nothing but a cancer and would be terrible for this team even though he’s from Vancouver?!? Could have got him at a excellent discount price at that time! Now he renewed himself in sharktown playing excellent hockey with a great attitude change! I’m still kinda chapped about that! But happy for EK situation now:) glad he proved all you doubters wrong! Why can’t we give Ilya Kovalchuk a chance to redeem himself?!? Myb he turns his game around and helps out the team?!? Just cause of what he did in the past doesn’t mean we should judge him for that! Just like most of you did to Evander Kanes situation! Give the guy a chance! Myb hel prove you wrong just like EK DID! 

Evander Kane you knuckle head, get off our boards and focus on doing your thing in SanJose, you crazy guy you.

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Kovy will sign for league minimum.. JB should go it.. 400k for remainder of season.  


He got most of his money in bonuses. His actual salary for this season was 750k. 


Put him on line with EP and Miller 

Move Boeser with Horvat and Pearson.



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This is a low risk high reward no brainer. No assets to give up which is key where we are at.  Minimal cap on a big body scorer.  Virtual guarantee that he finds some chemistry with Horvat or Pettersson even with his age.  

Tryamkin would likely be on the first flight to Van once his season ends to play with a legend.

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