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PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Avelanchers @ Canucks November 16th 2019

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Congrats to @DS4quality & @ItTakesAnArmy for both predicting the final score correctly.  Both got 5 out of a possible 6 points.  Nobody guessed Dowling to score the first goal.


Up next, the final game of this home stand...




Predict the winner and the score. (4pts for both, 1pt for just the winner)
Bonus question - Which team shoots (on net) more?  (1pt)  This time, I am waiving my usual 'No Fence Sitting' rule.  Pick one, or the other, or a tie.


Updated leaderboard:




My predictions:

5 - 2 Avelanchers

Canucks take more shots on net


As always, good luck and Go :canucks: Go!


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Just now, VforVirtanen said:

Shhhhhh don’t ruin the magic. 


I have no no idea how I didn’t even know that this game exists until now. It will be a long slog to catch up. 

I think this is the third year for it.  First year that I'm running it.


Available points will increase throughout the year so you are never truly out of the running.  Plus there will be special bonus point nights.

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