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Scary Sounding Emails - don't fall for them!

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Hey, I know your password is: <a previously used password - or a password that has been leaked online.>

Your computer was infected with my malware, RAT (Remote Administration Tool), your browser wasn't updated / patched, in such case it's enough to just visit some website where my iframe is placed to get automatically infected, if you want to find out more - Google: "Drive-by exploit".

My malware gave me full access and control over your computer, meaning, I got access to all your accounts (see password above) and I can see everything on your screen, turn on your camera or microphone and you won't even notice about it.

I collected all your private data and I RECORDED YOU (through your webcam) SATISFYING YOURSELF!

After that I removed my malware to not leave any traces.

I can send the video to all your contacts, post it on social network, publish it on the whole web, including the darknet, where the sick people are, I can publish all I found on your computer everywhere!

Only you can prevent me from doing this and only I can help you out in this situation.

Transfer exactly 1400$ with the cryptocurrency DASH (DSH) to my DASH (DSH) address.

It's a very good offer, compared to all that horrible $&!# that will happen if I publish everything!

You can buy DASH (DSH) here: www.cex.io , www.binance.com , www.bitpanda.com , or Google for other exchanger.
You can send the DASH (DSH) directly to my address, or create your online wallet first here: www.cryptonator.com , www.freewallet.org or download and install your hardware wallet EXODUS first from: www.exodus.io and then send to mine.

My DASH (DSH) address is: XnfypYUMso855erq8vmsdGcFPcnWeUh1G4

Copy and paste my address, it's (cAsE-sEnSEtiVE).

I give you 2 days to transfer the DASH (DSH).

As I got access to this email account, I will know if this email has already been read.
If you get this email multiple times, it's to make sure you read it, my mailer script has been configured like that and after payment you can ignore it!
After receiving the payment, I will remove everything and you can life your live in peace like before.

Next time update your browser before browsing the web!



I know that chances are people on here already know about stuff like this, but I figure I want to spread the awareness to as many people as possible.


When you read messages like this, it's easy to panic and believe that the sender has your password. They may have it - or may be they don't.


Use websites like https://haveibeenpwned.com/ to see if you're a victim (don't worry, it's a legitimately safe website. Use Google to do further research if necessary). But at least make sure that your password isn't already leaked online.

In this case, the password they used was an OLD (and compromised) password that had been widely published. I, therefore, had nothing to worry about.


Please DO NOT fall for emails like this. The sender doesn't actually have compromising videos of you satisfying yourself. There's also no malware on your system (at least not from this sender).


Please DO NOT send money.


That account he has listed has had at least TWO victims fall for it already.




43.93259245 DASH is approximately 3000 USD. It's closer to 4000 in CAD.


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I got a similar e-mail a while back. I usually don't even look in my spam folder, but one time I did and saw the e-mail with an old password I had used in the past. Got curious and googled the title to see if other people had received the same thing. It seemed like a scam right from the get-go because I don't even have a webcam, nor do I visit those kinds of sites. Scammers are getting creative these days.

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I have gotten the same email in the same format a couple of times some months before. I just deleted it.


Recently, I have been getting a lot fake emails from Costco, Amazon and Apple, where they tell you to click on this link because you won a gift or there is a package on your way.


The best way to tell if it's a fake or a phishing email is to click on the name of the sender and then it will tell you their actual email address. You will notice the email address usually contains random characters and is not affiliated with any verified organization. Simply just delete those emails.

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I made the mistake of ordering off AliExpress and used my phone # as a contact #.   Now in addition to getting non stop Chinese phone calls, which I block Everytime and still keep getting them, I'm getting those you are in criminal investigation with the federal magistrate calls. Good times.

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1 hour ago, NewbieCanuckFan said:

Apparently I'm Nigerian royalty!  All I gotta do is send $10,000 to a group of lawyers for them to expedite the process to clear the way for my cornation.  I've never had to use a lawyer before so I need some advice.  Anybody here have experience with the firm "Dewy, Cheatem & Howe"?  I couldn't find any ratings on yelp.

No, but you might want to contact the firm of Bob Loblaw?

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1 hour ago, NewbieCanuckFan said:

Apparently I'm Nigerian royalty!  All I gotta do is send $10,000 to a group of lawyers for them to expedite the process to clear the way for my cornation.  I've never had to use a lawyer before so I need some advice.  Anybody here have experience with the firm "Dewy, Cheatem & Howe"?  I couldn't find any ratings on yelp.

I got a call from "the Comoros" yesterday. 

... exactly. I had to look it up. It's the Nigerian prince. He's escape to Eastern Africa but needs my money to get to Canada. He wanted a wire transfer of $50,000 Canadian with the promise of paying back 10x times that. 

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Unless you personally know the caller and know you can trust them, do not trust what they are saying to be in your benefit without first verifying (without their help) the information. I giggle when it's the CRA scam or some government agency... never trust the government, it's staffed by bureaucrats. Get it in writing, or the problem/solution it never existed. That last part is professional advice too.


Do not "trust" any email. Compromised mailboxes are frequently the source of legitimate-looking emails from people containing malware, or other directed activities that look very believable; an attacker will read whatever mail is available to generate a profile, and then use that information to phish for, or outright ask for something that corresponds to the email (IE I'm taking a vacation, or I'm on vacation, can you flip me a couple bucks - all coming from the senders' legitimate own email without their knowledge).


It's an untrustworthy world... the irony is, if people would stop believing the phone and email scams they'd stop, because it wouldn't be working.


The fact it's ramping up means even more people are falling for it. Trust nothing when it comes to communications or electronics. You're simply 'accepting risk' rather than trusting when you do stuff.

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