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[Proposal] Vancouver - Colorado

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To COL: Jacob Markstrom + Loui Eriksson (Canucks hold 3M/year for entire contract)

To VAN: Martin Kaut


Colorado is in need of a goalie and once Grubauer comes back they could be comes a great tandem for them.


Gives the Canucks a decent prospect who isn't doing well in the COL system. A new team could give him the fresh start he needs.


Am I crazy ? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Don't think Colorado is looking for a goalie with Grubauer close to returning - he is on the road trip.  


Pavel Francouz has been a solid backup for them.  Scheifele went tumbling into him earlier this week and with Grubauer injured they had to play their rookie goalie.  Only reason they have a goalie issue but it should only be temporary.  

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1 hour ago, AriGold2.0 said:

Really ? so If a team called and offered a 1st round pick for Marky you would say no? I only ask because that's what Eriksson would cost to move.

lol yeah we wouldnt trade another 1st to move eriksson, also markstrom is worth a 1st and more, were not out of the playoffs either, its early in the season not sure why people want too move him other than the expansion, even then we should keep both our goalies, markstrom went through some sh!t with his father passing, why i said we should start demko for a few games.

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You don't trade goalies within your division if the Avs get the missing piece to their puzzle it won't be from us. They are poised to have the next real dynasty they are so good and we havn't even seen Newhook, Byram, Kaut, Rosen, Timmins, and Makar is just budding. They are going to be so good it won't even be fair. 


We can deal with Eriksson for the rest of the year. Next year he's fully movable and you won't have to pay Markstrom to do it.  Kaut is far from a lock to be a top 9 NHL player. With 0 pts in 7 AHL games this year and is now out indefinately with an upper body injury.  The potential is there for sure but I think we end up looking pretty silly when Markstrom gets a fist full of rings while the Canucks are hitting their prime. 

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Kaut's not that good, as @hammertime mentioned no points this year so far and far from a lock in the bigs.


We've also got Lind who's performing better than last year by a wide margin, and Palmu who's tearing up the Finnish League, Virtanen who's finally showing his top-9 upside and of course Boeser being the bona fide star he is.  At this point I wouldn't think too much about adding another right wing, nor do the Avalanche need a goalie.


I might dangle the same trade idea to a team like Jersey though since their tandem is awful (Blackwood has potential but still)..  

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