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expectations 2019

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Just play hard and work on improving one shift at a time.  Win or lose doesn't matter at this stage.


Take the recent NJ game where they worked hard but lost.  I think most of us were proud of the boys work ethic that game.  That's all that matters right now.

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I waited until November before getting super hyped. In October we were a surprise, same with last year too. 

I find this season eerily similar to last season with the win loss total being so close and the injuries starting to add up in November. The powerplay is a bit more successful but it could be argued we are seeing the same  consistency issues we saw last year. 

Our defense on paper is better, and our goaltending has been steady, but not stellar, I don't know when the last time we shut a team out. 


Anyway the point of all this is that I expected a marginal increase in our play with all the signings etc. But realistically I feel like we will just miss the playoffs again. 


It would be nice if we don't make the playoffs to get a shot a Lafreniere because with him and Petey and Boeser then we would be ready to go on a run. 

My expectations aren't very high, because I have little confidence in coaching I hope they prove me wrong but I'd like to see Trotz-esq style coach. 



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2 hours ago, ItTakesAnArmy said:

My expectations are more pessimistic and yet also optomistic.

I see making the playoffs this year, if they do, as a smoke screen for what will happen over the next 3 years or so if there is not a change at the top.

IMO this team will be better than next years.

Apologists keep covering up that the job done so far has been far less than success as a lot of posters still keep talking about he same thing 5 years later, how good the prospects are.

6 years ago this team had two Art Ross winners on it to lean on, now they have two/three rookies being pressured to win, just like Edmonton did, way too much pressure. Most of the pressure comes from management's insistence that this is a playoff team year after year.

The team is relatively healthy up to last game, injuries will not happen but so far there have not been any extended man games lost to core players, both goalies are near the top of the league and yet the team is still under .500.


If the team made the playoffs and they could just because two teams decide to tank for better odds and player selection at the draft, I don't see them getting out of the first round, they are still not deep enough and once they play Hudson Bay Rules the rookies will be run over.

Making the playoffs for a one and done is not the goal fans should demand.


If they don't make the playoffs I am okay with that as well because they will get a game changer in the first round of this year's draft and that will be close to the last piece they will need, a player that is on the team for another 3 years that isn't being paid 6 mil to watch. This would also give the team cap space.


For me if they don't make the playoffs I am okay because I know they will be a far better team next year and if they do, fine except it will burn me to help Tampa get better while our asset ages out in three seasons.


November 2/3 more wins, December 6 wins, January 5 wins, February 7/8 wins, March 7 wins, April 0 wins


Noticed you gave my reply a confused face.   I gave yours a beer because maybe you should have a few more or a few less before posting.   It’s obvious your expectations are very high - two years in a row Calder winners or finalists - not enough i guess.  You mention six years ago we had Art Ross winners ( the only ones we’ve ever had - coincidentally Crosby was out of the league dealing with his concussion issues but when he plays had his best PPG ever - reminiscent of Mario when he came back from cancer. ) ... but they only had three seasons of a PPG or over ever.   It’s not like things are that bad.


We have a game breaker possible Art Ross/Hart trophy 21 year old in EP.   BB looks to be a consistent 30 plus goal guy, QH leads the league in Ozone time for a defenseman with the puck on his stick and he’s a rookie.   


Overall your post is a little toned down compared to some of them - why don’t you tell us how you really feel?  As far as the next draft goes - it’s above average - not nuclear good like 79-82.   The chances of getting a guy that will play even draft plus two isn’t high if we’d pick  past ten... and no way we will be that bad.   How many guys play draft plus one each year? 2-3...Draft plus 2 maybe another 2-4.  Think about that for a minute.  


Hudson Bay Rules is a two way street.  This is a tougher and bigger team then we’ve had in a long time.  


Zero playoff wins might be expectation - but something tells me that your real expectations are/were that we’d go from the only top team we’ve ever had to another top team back to back.   Because that’s the only thing you’ve ever known with this team (winning).  

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