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What band from the classic rock era do you hate


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Totally overplayed. I like to listen to 92.9 kism on my Saturday shifts. 

The worst is when they play a Fleetwood Mac song with Stevie Nicks on vocals and then right after that they play a Stevie Nicks song. Nothing against Stevie Nicks but that's a lot to take in.

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51 minutes ago, DontFearTheReaper said:

I thought I'd wait for a few replies before i'd comment so here goes. 

RUSH.  I cringe nowadays when their songs come on the radio. I use to play in a 3 piece band earlier in this decade and all they'd want to play was rush songs. After roughly 8 months I went forget it. I hate rush

Blame Steve Shutt.  Yes, *THAT* Steve Shutt  (Montreal Canadians hockey hall of famer).


Being a musician, you probably already know the story but for those that don't.....


Steve Shutt used to be a musician as well (or an aspiring one) as a teenager.  He had a buddy (Geddy Lee) & both were trying to form a band but needed another musician.  Shutt said he had another friend from the SAME high school as the two; so he introduced Geddy Lee to the individual.  The guy was Alex Lifeson!  Small world eh?  Lucky for the Habs, Shutt decided to stick to hockey lol.


You can also indirectly blame KISS for helping introduce the band to the world (as they were their opening act on their first major tour).





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38 minutes ago, Chronic.Canucks.Fan said:

Never really liked the Stones that much. Love Heart and Led Zep though y'all are crazy :P


HM's for dope underrated bands... Yes, Steely Dan, Chicago

All three are awesome and I would add  Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits.


Dislike Rush and Arrowsmith.  Those voices...uhg.

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