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CDC Mix Exchange - WAKE UP

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I had so much fun with my first mix exchange, I figured I'd start another one.  Credit for my copy/paste instructions below and thanks for introducing me to the concept, @Alain Vigneault


I don't care (aside from personal taste) what music you use, but there is a theme to this one: music for waking up.  Doesn't matter if it's something peaceful cuz you are hungover, or jazzed for a great day, or pumping yourself up for an early game or first day on the job, or all of the above!  Just hit us with your ideal wake up mix.


I'll submit one, too.


Rules and Instructions:


1.  Curate 25 - 40 minutes of music.  No minimum/maximum number of songs


2.  Assemble mix using YouTube playlist feature.  Now that YouTube streams music, you should be able to find a "Topic" version of the song.


3.  PM the link to Kragar for distribution


4.  Receive mix and provide feedback


5.  Have fun


Signed up:

1.  Alain Vigneault

2. luckylager

3. falcon45ca

4. Baer.

5. Ceres

6. DarthMelvin

7. Kragar

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4 hours ago, Baer. said:

Sorry to whoever's mix I had last time, I didn't review it because mine wasn't reviewed and I made my own rule. Third time I've had my mix not reviewed in these things...maybe my taste is bad.


Anyways I'm in

Unfortunate, but understandable given you've been stood up 3 times now.


Should I ask AV who left you hanging last time, as a potential flake warning?

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9 hours ago, DarthMelvin said:

In please. I wanna try this out... 


Yer in.  I've only done it the one time, but it's fun, with a good opportunity to learn some good new music.  Especially since you can listen to all the lists, when they are published by the reviewer.


Welcome, and enjoy!

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@Alain Vigneault







Ok, gang... replies have died up here, so I guess it's time to close the invite stage.  For those vets who know some regulars who might want to be included, feel free to share the news, but in the meantime let's get these lists together.


To anyone else reading this, I'll take newcomers who are interested until it gets close to the end.  The more the merrier.  Who knows, maybe we can find someone new to stand up Baer. ;) 

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