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PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks @ Predators November 21th 2019

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10 minutes ago, CptCanuck16 said:

Hey, just a general question. If you guess the score but not the winner would you get any points for that? Say you guessed the last game would be 6-1 Canucks but it was 6-1 Dallas, would that be worth any points? (Just curious)

No.  That wasn't my intent.


There's a whole bunch of ways I could have set up the scoring.  In the past it was all or nothing, although there were still bonus questions.  But for the score it was all or nothing.  I wanted a way for people to be able to stay engaged & stay in the race.  That's why I introduced the 'pick the winner' point.  That way, everyone that plays at least has a 50/50 shot at a single point per game.  But the big reward is getting the proper final score right.


Along the same lines of keeping players engaged and in the race, you might notice that most of the bonus questions are also of the 50/50 variety.  If I have a bonus bonus question, then it gets more specific.


Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the feedback / ideas.  I may consider this option for next year.

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