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John Mann, Singer for Spirit of the West, Dies at 57


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Sad news. Much like Gord Downie, we kind of knew this was coming. I saw parts of the "Spirit Unforgettable" documentary that @nuckin_futz linked.


As a musician, I really felt for him. Forgetting lyrics is something that all of us singers fear, but there are certain songs that we've done so often, we can pretty much auto-pilot them. John didn't even have that luxury, as the words could just "disappear" on him at any time, no matter how many times he had performed a song.


Alzheimers sucks....

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11 hours ago, Heretic said:

Very sad indeed...


Alzheimer's...took my mom almost 2 months ago as well...



My wife (60) is stage 5 Young Onset Dementia.  Such a horrible disease that is taking too many loved ones from us too soon. 

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