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[Discussion] How is Eriksson Not Waived?

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On 12/10/2019 at 11:16 PM, Kevin Biestra said:


The 1970s Canadiens?  Dear lord...


70s Canadiens -->  Present Day Canucks Counterpart


Ken Dryden -->  Nobody

Guy Lafleur --> Nobody

Guy Lapointe --> (maybe) Quinn Hughes (if lucky)

Pete Mahovlich --> Brock Boeser

Yvan Cournoyer --> Elias Petterson (if lucky)

Steve Shutt --> Nobody

Larry Robinson --> Nobody

Serge Savard --> Nobody

Bob Gainey -- > Nobody

Henri Richard --> Nobody

Doug Jarvis --> Nobody (maybe Brendan Sutter on his best day)

Mario Tremblay --> Nobody (mayyybe Ferland?)

Yvon Lambert --> JT Miller (slightly better)

Jacques Lemaire --> Nobody

Doug Risebrough --> Horvat (somewhat better)

Nobody --> Alex Edler





Isn't funny about Edler. We are a better team with him then with out him. 

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13 minutes ago, kurtis said:

Isn't funny about Edler. We are a better team with him then with out him. 


It wasn't a joke.  It was a significant asset the Canucks have that the Canadiens didn't have a counterpart for.  I mean, the closest thing was probably Serge Savard, but you can't cross off Serge Savard for Alex Edler.

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38 minutes ago, Kevin Biestra said:


My counterpart list was more caliber of player than specific role.  Yes, Boeser is more like Shutt than he is like Pete Mahovlich, but I was already being kind equating him to a player with two 100 point seasons.  I'm not equating him to a 60 goal scorer as of yet.


The same goes with Petterson.  Yes, Cournoyer is a winger, but the way things are trending so far, I think it's better to cross off Cournoyer on the counterpart list than three-time Art Ross winner and three-time league MVP Lafleur.  How confident are we really that Petterson will win even one of either?


As to Petterson - "generational generational generational" yadda yadda yadda.  No.  This has absolutely not been established as of yet.


Generational talents are players like Crosby, Mario, McDavid, etc.  Petterson is excellent, but I'm already being charitable if I say he will have a career on par with Denis Savard, a certain Hall of Famer but not a "generational" talent.


Anyway, as to your point on depth way down the chart...  Well, Canucks are looking pretty good.  But those Canadiens teams had players like John Van Boxmeer who never really got a sniff of the ice in Montreal and went on to very good things.


Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see the Canucks with some good talent for the future and things could look very good.  But people are throwing around terms like "generational" pretty loosely and while I'm very glad to have Petterson and think he has the tools to eventually even be a Hall of Famer, I don't have much reason to be more optimistic than saying he has about a 50% chance of winning one Hart or one Art Ross trophy in his career, and that is an excellent achievement but not "generational."

Re: Pettersson.  Tonight was revealing.  And I'm heading a bit in your direction on his upside.  He was held in check most of the night by Carolina.  Who we could really learn something from on pk and team defense.  But then all of a sudden EP pots a beauty in OT to win the game.  Because he finally has some space.  Which he won't get very often, ever.  Crosby and McD win all kinds of games, seem to be able to push through their checkers.  Not sure EP can do this yet.  Boeser on the other hand, had a fantastic game. Horvat's line was good too.


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