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Parking @ King George Station


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1 hour ago, VancouverHabitant said:

Okay hang on Wolfyre, tell us more...  are you spending the night/day in Surrey?  


Are you coming up with a buddy/pal or are you taking someone up here for a romantic getaway and catching a game?  We need to know more and we'll give you better recommendations.  

Surrey is probably the most romantic city in all of Western Canada.  

Nickname for Surrey is  "  the City for LOVERS " .  The pier in Whiterock is a great place to walk....  but of course  Bear Creek or Tynehead are fantastic green spaces as well....


So many great streets to walk on browsing at cool cafes and coffeeshops.... fantastic little romantic restaurants...

I would skip going to Vancouver and instead just focus on a great romantic holiday in Surrey.


Just my thoughts...

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First wanted to give nothing but compliments to all the interactions me and my friend had while at Rogers arena.  The people were all kind and the trash talk was a treat.


Taking the Expo line from Scott Road to the arena was sweet.  Spoiled me rotten.  Only thing I didn't realize is to pay cash for the parking only coin is accepted and no bills but that was just a minor issue easily resolved.  Loved Rogers arena and The Carve was delicious.  Going to try the Montreal smoked meat next.  


Looking forward to when Seattle starts playing and crushing what will be our chief rivals to the north. :emot-parrot:

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