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CGY & OTT(Proposal)

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Lots of talk in the Nation's cap..these Sens are punchin beyond their weight..but obviously are looking towards the long haul.


What should they do with JG Pageau?..UFA who's playing brilliantly. They probably could have 3 1st rounders, in a stellar class, should they decide to sell high.


Why not chase after Matthew Tkachuk?


OTT: Pageau, Boedker, Formenton, Lajoie, San Jose 2020 1st


Cal: Tkachunky, Valimaki, Czarnik


(cap's almost a wash..some dudes are out, right now)

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Yeah that's a quantity for quality return if I've ever seen one.  JP is having a solid year but probably not sustainable with that shooting %, and he's a middle six guy playing top 6 in a rebuilding team, while the rest are depth (bottom 6 or in the minors)... Flames committed to Matt and for him alone that isn't enough of a return (plus the Flames aren't rebuilding).


Wouldn't mind it if we went in for JP (he's already got 11 even-strength goals and is ahead of Pete in even strength points, and that's one area we need help in) but he's not in the class of player to yield such a big return. 

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