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[GDT] Around the NHL | November (24-30) 2019

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Just now, DeNiro said:

Was that before or after the Preds announced that Arvidsson will be out 6-8 weeks?

Would not be shocked to see them reconsider that.

They announced the hearing last night already.   The Predators announced the injury today - the game was in St-Louis and would think they had him evaluated once back in Nashville.


When the suspension is for 6 games or more the player is offered an in-person hearing.  

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I have to admit to a conflicted reaction after just watching the oilers and zona OT and seeing McDavid and Draisaitl play for easily 4:20 of the 5 minutes. I wondered what it might be like to sitting on the bench with nothing to do but cheerlead and drink Gatorade. What does this strategy do to team morale? Then, upon further reflection of this deployment, I reasoned it might be the most clever use of a team’s weapons I’d ever seen. I mean, Edmonton had the puck for most of the first 3 minutes. Then, as the two dragged their asses around the rink for the last 90 seconds,I hoped, with full fervour, that Arizona would somehow pot the winner. 

In the end, I was surprised by what I saw because I’d never seen anything quite like it. But should I have been surprised? 

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12 hours ago, Coconuts said:

Someone nerf McDavid. I wanna see someone crush him or Draisaitl. 


It's insane how basically two players are carrying that entire team. 

It's crazy how there is a 29-point separation between the second-ranked and the third-ranked point leader on the team.

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