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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Philadelphia Flyers | Nov. 25, 2019

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15 hours ago, theo5789 said:

Last 25 games we are 12-9-4. We are 3rd in our division and well within the fight for a wildcard spot/playoff spot.


All teams go through tough games and stretches as well as highs. We could be a powerhouse team like Tampa last year and get swept in the 1st round. We could be bottom of the league by the new year and win the Cup like St Louis. No matter how it's spun, there's a long season still ahead and lots of things can still happen.


I don't see the need to fire everyone and trade the scapegoats after every loss, nor do I feel like a Stanley Cup contender after every win. We have been progressing every year and if we continue the trend, we should be in a wild card spot this year or at least fighting right to the last game of the year. If that's where we end up, I'm fine with it. I'm trusting the process.


We’re still on pace for 38 wins, and that doesent get you into the playoffs.


i get it it’s not all bAd but we need to make a move for another offensive defensemen

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6 hours ago, spook007 said:

Nice post....

Don't think you have to worry about play offs becoming a non contact sport, as this is what sells the NHL... 

Despite the talk about not wanting the players to get hurt, it is the intensity of Hockey that has most people tuned in...all included...

The only worry I get is when I read or hear whining about how teams get away with what they do in the playoffs when it’s called in the regular season (as fans I can see that all too easy to do).   It’s whispers mostly at this point but it’s definitely there (even with some hockey writers).   Can’t be easy for the refs either.   The two seasons used to be much closer in how they were called ... last year the refs were roasted bad - used to give Kerry Fraser hives (when he first called playoff games) - now I’d bet he’d get full on open sores trying to manage the difference.   


Im sure your right - and can’t see it ever getting much different then it is now.   Wish they’d dial it back a bit in the regular season but not right now because it’s helping us more then any other team ha ha.  

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On 11/26/2019 at 7:25 AM, Bertuzzi44ever said:

Hold on...what?


THE shootout win over the caps proves where the team is? We’ve lost more then half our games but a shootout win which is an old tie and doesent count the same in the standings proves where we are? Hilarious.


sabrss are my other team and they routinely beat some of the best teams in the league, especially when they finished 31st (the first team to ever finish 31st) in The first year Vegas was in the league buffalo beat four of the best teams in the league in the same week and didnt need a shoot out.


Was that indicative of where that team was?



there goes your argument. I mean it would hold at least a bit more credibility if we had won more then half our games, or whooped the caps or even just beat them in regulation or overtime for crying out loud but we haven’t and didn’t so....


ps how do you think were even on track to do well, we barely have a defense.


Name our great dmen, I’ll wait. And I said great. Not good or average. Our best defensemen is 19 years old. 



tyler Myers is on the ice doing nothing half the time and the other half he’s giving the puck away, missing the net, did you seen him in phillys first goal? This isn’t the only time done this temember the 3 on 0 St. Louis had when they beat us, guess who’s fault that was. We’re 25 games in and the plus is on pace for zero goals and 15 assists at a whopping six million.


everyone rips Eriksson but slug Myers makes the same and plays even worse. And is less productive, Eriksson can actually kill penalties. People have selective bias in here. 


I rip everyone who plays bad, not just the favourite whipping boys.


Just to double back on this now that I have some time ...


The two games we played against the Caps, imo, reveal a lot about this team. The games against the Blues as well. People always talk about top team match ups as good tests for where we really are.


We see at least a few comments in those GDTs every time saying "this will be a good test" to see where we really are as a team. Yet that never really gets isolated and followed up on to assess the test. We mainly get hung up on the losses and focus more on those results.


The first caps game we completely dominated them and then fell apart in one period. The second game, we didn't repeat that same mistake, competed hard, got contributions from everyone  didn't get dominated, and found a way to win ... albeit a shootout. I'd say the other 5 periods against the Caps plus overtime is more accurately indicative of what this team is capable of when put to the test against a top playoff team. Also the games against the Blues. 


We're looking at our team with the expectation of playoffs this year, or at least the real possibility for the first time in a while. So, you have to say on some level, can we compete and beat those playoff bound teams if we do get there? The answer is, yes, we can. I think that's pretty obvious.


But the losses also reveal that we have holes in our game, 60 minute effort, and consistency is a big problem. Especially against potentially weaker teams, who obviously aren't taking us lightly. And some of those teams aren't really as weak as we think with so much parity. Plus a lot of goalies, backups, are hot right now and playing well. Dallas and Chicago, even Samsonov with the Caps, come to mind. 


I'm not going to use the Sabres as a measuring stick because they have their own individually unique dynamics. We have ours. So just because the Sabres beat top teams doesn't mean the same dynamics are applicable to us. Although I do see what you're saying.


As far as our D, I don't need to name anyone great. Our D is evolving. They've been great collectively in our wins and also weak in some of our losses. Hughes has had a massive impact. But the additions of Hughes, Benn, and Myers have made our D better. Edler and Tanev are still integral workhorses for this team along with Stecher. Right now with playoffs as a target, we need them to be more often good and great than weak. 


I will say, though, that Myers can be a liability at times. He's bound to be a whipping boy  I get that aspect of his game. I find him very similar to Edler in some ways, a bigger version, who has trouble hitting the net and can turn it over easily but I think the D as a whole is better with Myers. And really, if he's struggling to find his game and offense in this part of the season, there will come a time in the year where he's not struggling. That's just how things go. Hopefully he finds that offense when we need it for a playoff push. 

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