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Former player accuses Flames head coach Bill Peters of using racial slur -- Peters resigns

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27 minutes ago, Squamfan said:

Again why is he bringing this issue up know not when it happened. Dude was a plug who could not make it in the NHL and now is seeking attention to be relevant again.




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"Turn off that damn n-word music" 

I can hear Dave Chapelle playing an old white guy and saying that haha 

Flames are sinking now big time, hopefully they finish 9th in the West this year. 

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14 minutes ago, Down by the River said:

How do people not understand hockey culture. Doing anything that shines a negative light on the internal workings of the NHL can get you shipped off to Siberia. Why would he wait until now? Well maybe because (1) his career is now dead, so he can speak without worrying about someone else killing it and (2) when you see the support Marner got from the media/hockey community, maybe that gives you a little more courage to speak out, knowing that other people have done the same and weren't crucified for it. 


Why would he wait all these years to lie about something now? Mike Commodore waited a few years before talking about Babcock and I don't remember people questioning him then.


I understand why he didn't speak about it earlier when he still had a career. His NHL career has been dead for a while now, he could have said anything between now and then but didn't. 



Marner's situation might have had something to do with though. Good point. 

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27 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Yeah right.  Clown absolutely threw Lack under the bus.  He's only a good fit in Calgary because of the number of scumbags on the roster.

Personally I think Calgary is trending in the right direction since the Neal trade, they should keep the good run going.... bahahahaha

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Just now, Squamfan said:


Still was playing and working to keep his career alive. When still in the sport, I understand not wanting to stir up controversy. Whether playing in the ECHL, SHL, or KHL. Doesn’t matter.

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1 minute ago, Monty said:

His last year playing hockey was 2018-19. 


I meant NHL career. His last NHL game was during the 2012-2013 season. (Edited my post to reflect that) 


But I get your point as well. If he is still playing hockey, at any level, he is probably afraid what other coaches would think of him if he calls out another coach. 


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48 minutes ago, #Canucks said:

No but looking at his career it was so short he had more than enough time to bring it up.


Do you think he would have brought it up any other time? Or just now because it’s convenient?

What's convenient about now? Is it more or less convenient than next year? Last year? I don't get it. People don't bring things up based on other's perceived "correct" timelines. He's not gonna bring it up while his career was still alive, too much risk. 

What's more convenient a time than when you are ready?

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