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[GDT] Canucks @ Oilers, November 30, 2019 -- B2B Part 1 Edition

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Lots of talk about Jake’s hockey IQ. That’s warranted regarding offense, although his overall game is coming along nicely, but the issue is more that Jake needs to realize what kind of player he is. Hit, check, and when the puck is on your stick give it to EP and head for the net. 

Also, the recent skid is bad but last time I checked we were still in the playoffs. 3 pts in 2 games vs oilers and then over 500 on the home stand and we are on good foot again. 

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2 hours ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

Lines in practice today:





Glad to see Virtanen in the Pettersson line.

Would like to try Goldobin in Horvat and sit Eriksson

The 3rd line and 4th line are good.


Really think we should have Marky in net to-morrow.




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1 hour ago, nucklehead said:

hmmm...I'm as fond of 'yokels" as you are but your use of "get er done" is straight out of the redneck lexicon, unless your using it as some kind of satire then....OK. And so you know Edmontonians are not the same grade of yokel as Calgarians, they're a much more refined uptown kind of sheeple. For example wear your Canucks jersey in Edmonton the worst might happen is a dirty look. In Calgary most likely a beer bottle over your head. 

yOu nEEd mEDs.

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17 minutes ago, 6string said:


Miller Petey Boeser

Jake Bo Gaudette

Roussel Sutter Ferland

Schaller Beagle Motte


This is how you work Gaudette into the top 6.


Pearson + Leivo most likely forwards to be moved if Benning wants to keep #88 up for good.


Keep Loui as 13th.

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Virtanen needs to be matched up against McDavid, he’s the only one who can keep up with him. Glad to see him on the first line.


Also hoping Miller can mentor Goldy and get through to him somehow and he plays and lights it up tomorrow. I remember seeing Miller have a long kind of intense chat with Virtanen on the bench and since then Virts been playing really well, coincidence or not.

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4 hours ago, Rick_theRyper said:

I was there for this game absolutely the highlight of the game for me ! Never gets old seeing this. 

Me too. After that McMuffin didnt play the last games. Jake injured hi on that hit

The Oilers kept it quiet. 

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Massive 2 games and 8 point swing. McDavid and Draisaitl were relatively shut down last game, they're going to look to explode and Demko and our defence just got blasted. This doesn't bode well for us. Hoping Marky starts the first game and sets the tone but I think this back to back rests on Edler. He's our top guy going up against McDavid and never does well against speed.


This is a coaching dream, we've faced each other before and both teams know each others' weaknesses. This is as close to a playoff round as it gets so let's hope Green can out-coach the Oilers.


We need to send a message, these 2 games are the turning point of the season. I predict we win one lose one but if we can nab 3 points that would be huge.


4-3 Canucks first game

6-5 OT loss 2nd game

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