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[PGT] Toronto Maple Leafs at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 10, 2019

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-Vintage Canuck-

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Just now, Dumb Nuck said:

Problem is, once we are successful the selfie, I was there,  no clue what hockey really is turds will dominate again. I’ll always miss the cheap games at the Pacific Coliseum when it was packed with real fans.

Yeah I get that. There was one time I was told to settle down. I was flabbergasted and drunk so is was a big wtf at the time.


Generations change so it could take a turn for the better... or worse. Hopefully the better.


Either way it's gonna be great when we are successful. 

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16 minutes ago, Devron44 said:

If anyone here is complaining or trying to blame someone for the loss tonight give your head a shake. Boys played hard, ran into a hot Goalie here and couldn’t finish but boy the compete was there. Toronto got away lucky tonight. God I hate TORONTO

Don't worry if TOR make the playoffs they'll run into Boston again and the rest will be history (again)

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11 minutes ago, J-23 said:



As a big Boeser fan I will a completely honest take, not going to sound like a hater or blinded homer. So far Brock's had an up and down season. He's not been playing as bad as some of you are making him out to be but he also hasn't played amazing. Ya, he's putting up points but he hasn't necessarily passed the eye test. Fore-check has been amazing this year, along with getting back defensively, and his passing and finish have been meh this year. We will see how the remainder of December goes but he sure looked fired up today from the get go which is a good sign imo. All those scoring chances is a good sign as well. To early in the season to write him off, also take into consideration of all the family stuff going on back in Minny. This can take a big toll on a player


I'm a big brock fan but his shot has not looked even close to what it was in his rookie year. I expected that his sophomore year would be a bit off considering the wrist surgery and back injury but I was hoping that this season we would see that same lethal shot that had people listing him as one of the leagues deadliest snipers. It just hasn't happened. Yes, he's improved in other parts of his game.. On the defensive end, board work, but his primary tool (his wicked shot) is nowhere to be found.   to his credit, hes still putting up close to a point per game, I just wish we could see that same bullet of a shot that handcuffed goalies and made Goalies like Murray look silly. His whole rookie year is a highlight reel of beauty snipes, in the last two seasons they've become few and far in between. 


Still believe in brock, he's a good kid, just starved for some of those beauty bar down snipes we saw in year 1

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14 minutes ago, MrCanuck94 said:

Relax and read. It's not a knee jerk reaction, I'm giving an honest analysis of his season as a whole up to this point. I'm sure he'll turn it around but at the moment, he's definitely taken a step back from what his play used to be. I can agree that its fair to say his effort has been there, however, he's been weak on the boards, playmaking has been average, not pushing momentum like a top player, and his complete game still needs work. I will acknowledge that he is trying a lot defensively, even though it is not quite there yet. He is also now paid to score, so that is the expectation, he has 4 goals in his last 19 games, which is inexcusable.


As I said before, not trying to hate on Boeser, of course I want him to succeed. It'll come eventually, but it's been 30 games already this season.

While I appreciate your thoughtful reply I strongly disagree. Just in the last post game thread I was applauding Boesers work on the forecheck and his ability to recover pucks along the boards. Last season, and even at the beginning of this season, he was too easily pushed off the puck.  Clearly he's been working on improving that aspect of his game and it shows. Could he be better? Sure, and so could everyone else. If Boeser keeps it up he could develop into a Miller type player in a couple of years. 

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42 minutes ago, MrCanuck94 said:

I disagree, it is fair to say his effort is there but his play has definitely taken a step back. His board play is weak. Passing on full display? He constantly has bad turnovers every game it seems other than making normal passes that any other top 6 NHLer would make. He isn't pushing momentum and is constantly relying on Pettersson and Miller. Maybe he's looking for them too often instead of just playing his game.


I'm not trying to hate on Boeser, just taking off the rose coloured glasses and being honest with his play.

Agreed, Boeser has had trouble making basic passes and doesn't have his shot back.  I know he's had a tough summer with his family issues but being late for training camp is not a good look right now.  Especially because of the fact that he's going to be making 7.5 mil/year and will need to be qualified at that amount.  Anyways, too early to talk about that but I really want him to get his groove back.  Who knows, maybe all it will take is a goal or two but I'd like to see him with someone other then Elias. 

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12 minutes ago, HockeyHarry said:

Sister dropped by and none stopped talking about her stupid life problems, meanwhile I can only get glimpses of the game and score.

Sister was blah blah blahing......not sure which is worse a princess sister nonstop blah blah whining or the Leafs winning. It’s close but I think my sister is worse then the Leafs win.


Overall a Horrible night 


ill trade my sister too anyone for a hockey bag of pucks....or best offer.


go Canucks Goo 


Sorry for your loss.

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39 minutes ago, Trebreh said:

our crowd has gotten soft af. 


no more insert team name here ___ suck chants

no more taunting players

no more drowning other the oppositions fans..


like i said before, back in the early to mid 2000s you wouldn't hear from these Laff fans all game they'd be drowned out. Now you even hear those Oiler fans in the building as well these days! :sick:


disappointed by the team and fans tonight.


Green &^@#ing sucked as well. turned on the blender, had no physical game plan to play against a soft ass team like the Leaves... 


Ferland was the only one trying to make it difficult for the Laffs forwards and he got injured. :picard:






Why should they even be excited, we’ve won 3 playoff games in the last 8 years.  We have to prove something and make the playoffs sooner or later

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32 minutes ago, Smashian Kassian said:

I was at that one too. My first ever NHL game infact.

I think its just too hard to afford tickets now, that plus getting in & out of such a congested area (unavoidable problem). 

This probably explains why our beloved city is becoming too expensive - I assume....

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