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[PGT] Toronto Maple Leafs at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 10, 2019

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5 hours ago, milk and honey said:

Cap will go up to don't forget. 10m in 2 or 3seasons will be like 7.5m a few years ago 

we are assuming way too much the cap will go up.. the cap didn't go up this year.. and also cap going up doesn't really mean too much tbh if your team have a bunch of new contract to sign.. players wants % of the cap on their new contract.. i mean just look at the top players back in the days? they get 6mil.. nowadays they get 12mil.. the player salary increases as the cap increases. i mean it's great if you have a bunch of contract signed before the cap goes up.. not so much when you have to sign the players after the cap goes up which will be the case in couple years. 

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