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Customized beaded Canucks pendant


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4 minutes ago, KnuckleHead16 said:

Yes it took 2.5 months to finish it! But it turned out extremely well! Well worth the wait budz;)

I’ve been given a few cool beaded things from aboriginal friends who’ve picked up beading as they got older. 


I know the work it took to produce them, so I value them.


Yours could hang behind glass at your local rink, it’s so representative of “real” Canadian culture. 


Good job. 



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5 hours ago, Alflives said:

Friggin' brilliant!  Totally love it.  I'll trade you 3 no (make that) 5 fat cats for it.  I'll even throw in my best recipe book.  

Lmfao ass Elf! You too funny! Yah it turned out even better then I intentionally thought it would! I’m gonna get a blank adidas official flying skate jersey with captain Horvat and add this logo on it! Rock it at a game! I know there’s patents around this logo! hopefully I don’t get into trouble doing this! I know you can tweak change it and then I can wear it. But not 100% sure how it works? Man it would look sharp with my necklace though! Any advice? 

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