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(Discussion) If we have to trade Markstrom,


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The way Markstrom is playing,  even considering our record, there's a chance that if he makes it to free agency that he'll get an offer from a team including a NTC or no movement clause if he and his agent are reasonable with their term/$ ask imo.  The only way JB can match that without including the 'clauses' , which would be very problematic for the franchise, is by upping the term/$ value of the contract which is risky.  It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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10 hours ago, flickyoursedin said:

On an expiring contract maybe get multiple 2nds from a team or a 2nd and decent prospect. Give him to Carolina for a 2nd and Patrik Puistola! Was really high on this kid last draft.

Mrazek and Reimer are doing a good job for them, I doubt Carolina would have any interest unless things changed until the trade deadline.

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Not sure who said it, but I believe it was during the MTL game, maybe it was Shorthouse? Anyway, the guy said something along the lines of - with the expansion draft around the corner, if the Canucks lose Demko to Seattle, oh well.


Do the Canucks plan to keep both goalies and then if they lose one, the one remaining would be the starter moving forward? Seems like bad asset management to me. Demko is going to be a very good goalie, and he would get a good return in a trade I'm sure. Do they want Demko in Seattle? That would just make their future competition tougher.

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GM JB won't trade Markstrom during the season, slight chance nearing the draft if he is unsigned and a deal looks far off they might look to trade his rights...but that won't net us much of a return.


Wonder if Markstrom wants the long term contract with security ala Ben Bishop?


Ben Bishop signed a 6 year deal with Dallas with a 4.916m cap hit. It was a 1m pay cut heading into UFA, but he got a NMC for the first 3 years of the deal followed  by: CLAUSE DETAILS: 2020-21 & 2021-22: Player submits a 10 team no trade list. - 2022-23: Player submits a 8 team no trade list


The above deal is a compareable long term Goalie contract, Bishop is a more established goalie with a longer track record than Markstrom, but the deal was signed close to 3 years ago.

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