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[GDT] Canucks Vs Oilers, December 23, 2019 -- 3 for 3/Holiday edition

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Just now, Kanukfanatic said:

...but....but....but....you are not being inclusive!!


Hahaha....I hate the 1% that whine about things like saying Merry Christmas.   So Merry Christmas to you Dumb Nuck!!

I am not, nor will I ever be politically correct but if I were I’d say to every one Happy ( whatever holiday doesn’t offend you)

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1 minute ago, canuck2288 said:

I have watched a boatload of Oilers games 


mcjesus and Drai free up space for him as nobody bothers to cover him 


You act as if he's a prolific goalscorer. That's not his role. He gets rewarded for that sometimes but he plays his role way above the potential they expect him to. 75% of the neutral zone rushes are because of Kassian. 

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