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[GDT] Canucks Vs Oilers, December 23, 2019 -- 3 for 3/Holiday edition

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3 minutes ago, canuck2288 said:

That’s what I said he is ... a bottom 6 plug 


no way in h he is a top 6 guy imo 

When he's on McDavid's line he absolutely is. That's like saying Burrows in his prime wasn't a top 6 player. You have to evaluate what they contribute to a line. 

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It’s really not complicated. If you want to wish someone Merry Christmas, knock yourself out. I will happily accept one. 

The problem is when you demand other people wish people a Merry Christmas, especially a national broadcaster. 

But Merry Virtmas to you all the same. 

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2 minutes ago, J-23 said:

Getting a little extra though now. Like 99% of the people I know Christian or not celebrate Christmas. NBA and ESPN will say it…

Nothing wrong with saying it. I take issue with demanding other people say it. 

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