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PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Kings @ Canucks December 28th 2019

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What...I don’t get a point for correctly calling the tie on the penalty question?

1 hour ago, goalie13 said:

Wow.  Congrats to @rychicken, @Qwags, @Wanless, @PistolPete13, @Rabbit, @Viper007, @Hairy Kneel, @Salacious Crumb, @spur1 & @gizmo2337 for all predicting the correct final score.  The PIMs question was wiped out due to a tie.  An honourable mention to @smithers joe for being the only one to predict Hughes as scoring the game winning goal.  Points for the Canada vs U.S. game will be tabulated after the traditional leftovers dinner on Boxing Day.


Next game...



Predict the winner and the score - (4pts for both, 1pt for just the winner)
Bonus question - Which team scores first? (1pt)

Bonus bonus question - Which player gets the first goal? (1pt)


Updated leaderboard (not including the Canada game results) - 



My predictions:

Canucks win 5 - 2

Canucks score first

Roussel with the first goal


Good luck, and Go :canucks: Go!




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2 minutes ago, spur1 said:

What...I don’t get a point for correctly calling the tie on the penalty question?

From the start of the series I have always had a 'no fence sitting rule' for questions where there's a chance of a tie, but because I didn't state it specifically this time, I'll give you the point.

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