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[GDT] Russia vs. Canada | Group B | Dec. 28, 2019 | 10:00 AM PT

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Ugh.  I'd say Russia is dominant...they're on a roll now.  Pretty tough to stop without Laf (who was a physical force capable of changing the face of things).  Well, we'll see what they've got in relation to resilience and composure I guess.  Playing for pride.  SHUT OUT.



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Im really impressed in the evolution of Russia's level of play. 


For years not just their world junior team but each Russian team on all levels looked purely like individuals on ice.  But in the past few years, their play has really resembled a team game that thrives on tight structure, much like the Soviet Union teams had under Victor Tikhonov (minus the communist fear factor and intimidation of opposition and their own players).


This is probably the best I have seen of Russia's WJC teams in terms of systematic play.  They are just frustrating Canada.

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1 minute ago, canuck2288 said:

He is another Willie 


can coach at the minor level and can’t handle the pro level 

He just so happens to co-own the London Knights as well as coach them.

He's also won a playoff round in the NHL as a coach.

And he's gotten over 1000 points as a player in the NHL. 




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