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[GDT] Russia vs. Canada | Group B | Dec. 28, 2019 | 10:00 AM PT

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Just now, Toews said:

Don't think I can watch the rest of this game without throwing something. That 6-0 did it for me. Some kid went for a big hit, failed, allowing Denisenko to walk right in, then the goalie lets it squeak through his glove. Just a stupid, selfish play.

They can at least win the battles, but let’s see if they can in the 3rd. 


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4 minutes ago, canuck2288 said:

It sucks but we have to accept 2 real facts;


1) the world has clearly caught up to us 

2) we need to save the game in Canada. Enrolment numbers are falling through the floor and the game has become ridiculously expensive to play 


when basketball and soccer costs a fraction of what it costs to play hockey it’s no wonder Canadian kids are the Playing other sports 


It's true. When my kids get older no way I could afford hockey. They will be going into one of the cheaper sports.

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22 minutes ago, 189lb enforcers? said:

Brilliant couple of periods by a superior Russian team.


Tip you hat or raise your glass in respect for this opponent showcasing the beauty of the sport. 


That’s Hockey.


I might cheer for my favourites in any game, but I watch because I love the sport. 

Russia is playing awesome hockey.


I don’t mind this at all.  


All Canada has to do is win the 3rd. 

Move forward. 

Its a tournament. 

Shift happens. 

Agreed. The Russians kids responded the way they needed to. It's just sports ... nothing too important. Nothing to get bent about. 

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This is embarrassing.


The GM who selected these kids needs to re-evaluate. Were these the right choices?


The coaching is very questionable when the players have no step from the beginning. How can the players not be jacked for this? Aside from possibly the wrong group being out there, perhaps they are not being coached right.


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until the Leafs, Canadians or Canucks go on a deep playoff run we won't have kids wanting to play the game 


we saw a t with the Jays and the enrolment numbers into baseball and now look at those results 


when the Raptors joined the NBA so many kids started playing ball and look at those results now 


it’s been so long since a meaningful Canadian major market run, there just isn’t that excitement around the game with kids 



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