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[GDT] Russia vs. Canada | Group B | Dec. 28, 2019 | 10:00 AM PT

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1 minute ago, Jack Fig said:

I know, no problem. But TSN sells these kids at times as something they're not. Foote is the guy you want with the puck on his stick within 35 feet of the net, because he can really shoot. 

Complete player? No.

Intense player? No.

Creative player? No.

Leader? No. 

But he can do one thing well and has direct NHL lineage,  so he makes the team. 

Any any player who played in U18 or any other tournament automatically gets preference. 

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18 minutes ago, Brad Marchand said:

Moreso I was talking about kids being encouraged to work on their individual skills before they get to the junior level. Obviously at a tournament like this, you need to implement effective systems to have a chance of winning.

Show me an academy that doesn’t, but point noted, though I believe is antiquated. Minor hockey can’t really suddenly become a skills thing or it will lose interest and fade away.


(I suspect some in here are beating around the bush about possible subsidies towards the sport to supplement a perceived lack of skill in Canada’s game at the WJ’s. Hockey is expensive. So is horse racing, but If I have to pay subsidy taxes for somebodies hobby entertainment, to produce better international athletes, that will suck)


One thing I used to complain about as a minor hockey kid to my few coaches was why we skated lines, circles, whatever, without the puck. Overseas, kids always had a puck. This is where your point grew from, but I think that’s changed. 


Unless you’re referring to puck skills like that lacrosse move, Canada focuses on skill as much as they can while still embracing the spirit and inclusion of minor hockey. 

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5 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Is there anything west for Hockey Canada except a token WHL guy? 

Kaiden Guhle plays a heavy game, his young though

Jett Woo plays a heavy more steady game. 

Theres two D man from the whl , that could help out in a game like this. 

Halloway is Canadian and has shown he can play with skill players and against bigger players but his ncaa 



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